Strandhotel Baabe

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Restaurant with winter garden
at the R&R Hotel Störtebeker

On our breakfast buffet, you will find different types of rolls and bread as well as a variety of cereals, nuts, fruit, curd and yoghurt. This is how you can put together your individual cereals in the morning.

Of course, there is also a choice of different sausages and cheeses, eggs, fresh vegetables, salads and sweet spreads. And there is also fresh coffee, milk, juice, water and various types of tea.

Dinner within the framework of the half board is offered as a buffet. Here you can choose between various warm fish and meat dishes with side dishes, cold and warm starters, cold cuts and various desserts.

Large beer garden
at the R&R Hotel Störtebeker


A large, sunny beer garden is the ideal place to enjoy the last rays of sunshine with a cool drink on warm summer days.
During the summer days, it is a pleasant environment where you can enjoy a delightful breakfast.